Q: What is the total or count of factors of the number 1,423?

 A: 2

How do I find the total factors of the number 1,423?

Step 1

Find the prime factorization of the number 1,423.

Use a factor tree to assist with solving. Take a look at our prime factorization page for additional help.

Factor Tree

The prime factorization in exponential form is: 1,4231

Step 2

Setup the equation for determining the number of factors or divisors. The equation is:

d(n) = (a + 1)

Where d(n) is equal to the number of divisors of the number and a, b, etc. are equal to the exponents of the prime factorization.

Now substitute the letters in the equation with the the exponents of your prime factorization and then solve to calculate the total number of divisors.

1,423 = 1,4231
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d(n) = (a + 1)
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d(1423) = (1 + 1)
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d(1423) = (2)
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d(1423) = 2

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